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Liquid K2 on Paper. Buy herbal incense online.We have the best flavors available for you. synthetic cannabinoids are human-made mind-altering chemicals that are either sprayed on dried, shredded plant material so they can be smoked or sold as liquids to be vaporized and inhaled in e-cigarettes and other devices. These products are also known as herbal or liquid incense.


We stock premium incenses that we source from around the globe and deliver them straight to your front door. We stock dhoops & incense cones, smudge sticks, incense sticks as well as burners and ash catchers to ensure you’re home stays nice and tidy. We also stock a collection of handmade incense from India and Tibet which helps and supports workers in third world countries.


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this is my 3rd time purchasing liquid k2,it is a fantastic one to get high in 1,2,3.I amin love with this particular product and the online store is really doing an incredible job.No disturbance to approachanything globally .

Mark Jance

Louder,louder,louder.This store is legit. unbelievable how they are operating online without getting busted?.I ordered many times and always recieved my package.Hook this infuse paper in stock.I took them to the jail without been caught by the jail check machine.

Leonardo Ram

I was prescribed and purchased some medicinal products and oils for my child last year. I must say that is the sole reason why we both still breathe air today as they completely spared his life. I will refer this seller to anybody any day at any time.

Timothy Kelly

Genuine girl scout cookie has to be in the top 3 strains ive ever smoked.. super relaxing, heavy sedative effects….perfect strain for indica dom lovers.. problem is here in the u.k there is a lot of fake cookie that doesn’t come anywhere near.. in fact its disappointing.

Miky Ross

As an MMJ patient age ’62 w/a neuro disorder, my issue post surgery these days is chronic pain.. So, I search for the strains designed for that. Currently, I’ve been dosing w/2 Hybrids, “Cherry Pie” & “Skywalker”, both great strains.. Today, an old favorite was purchased that is now a part of this arsenal of meds to help my situation.. I also like to vary strains when I daily dose. Kinda like cycling to maintain the lift. Just a small bowl of GSC’s & WOW. A great cerebral body enhancement.. A really powerful smoke not for the light user.. I’ve been smoking since age 15 & that was back in ’73.. This is one of my favorites along w/Gorilla Cookies & old school “Colombian/Acapulco Gold..

Mark Dean

This is a great strain for pain, relaxation and sleep. I am a older patient with a low tolerance, so I use this in small doses and only at night, but it does the trick and without and real negative effects, minus some minor dizziness. Great smell and flavor..

Heidi Clark

Numerics isn’t an indicator of quality. Bag appeal isnt based on a # its based on aesthetics and terpenes. Your technical language about your experience is needing a little work. Cannaboid breakdown including minor cannaboids is as important as thca, thc, and cbd %. Terpenes, flavanoids, and carotonoids are associated with the experience just as much if not more than THC. Thats one of the biggest driving factors of romanticizing prior use of a particular strain. Please dont take this as an insult. I want everyone thats trying to educate themselves and others to succeed. Im just trying to help you. BEST OF LUCK AND KEEP ON SMOKING!.

Roberto Santos

Grease monkey lends you a little wrench to help loosen the screws and help you relax. Slightly sedative, happy, relaxed, and still focused. Great balance. Great flavor, sour skunky and gas. Beautiful nugs that parkle like a geode

Adele campbell

For sure one of my favorite strains. Ive been recently been smokin joints and bong rips of this, I have smoked quite a bit of this strain, and I have disabilites that effect my way of life and really shitty pains and after the bong or j, the pain washes away and I am able to actually sleep and proceed through my day. Recommend for nighttime usage. The inhale as just as beautiful as the exhale and let Skywalker pilot the rest of the way!.

Kaiser Sozac

what to mention boy!.Thisstoreis really amazing, deliveryreceived in Austriaand the sheets are really potent and good.kush sheets
are the most favorite consumed gas in my area.Spice k2 paper are the best online shop.delivery was 100 percent discrete

Aliver Moore

GSC is my absolute fave! Whether it’s the strain itself or a diff strain with it in its lineage I will always stock up bc this strain is one of the highest terped strains I’ve come across. I’ve smoked it and even used it in FECO oil which was AMAZING and the terps in it was insane too. Like 13% terps in the feco oil but either way it was like no other terp profile I’d ever seen. If you are seeking a strain packed with terps and medicinal benefits this is a go to. .

Malik Gunna

I’ve made several purchases with this website and I always come back for more. The deliveries come to my doorstep and they are so friendly. I’m a seasoned stoner and I appreciate good weed when I see one. If you intend to shop with them, go ahead as you will receive just the original branded products you see on their website. Delivery is quite fast too

Ghost Otf

I found GSC to help me feel very relaxed in social situations. It helped me very well with my social anxiety. I was more talkative & friendly. If I said something dumb it didn’t bother me…I didn’t feel embarrassed. The high was definitely more elevating than other strains. Cons: If I was tired or exhausted it made it moreso..it put me to sleep so I tried not use it when I was tired or going to bed. It also gave me some munchies but not overly. It did give me a very dry mouth. I also experienced couch lock. The high did not last longer in the sense of consistently the same level of elatement but it did last for a few hours but the high gradually became a lazy high…which I did not really care for. All in all its a good strain but not necessarily one of my favs ..but I would use it again- especially for socializing.

Mark seth

Surprised I didn’t review this strain earlier. I pick this up about 3 to 4 times a year when its available to keep a small amount of it at all times when I need it for pain severe anxiety or can’t sleep. This is my favorite Indica second only to Purple Kush, great for relaxing and I would recommend this one at night

William willis

Makes an excellent tincture. I use it to treat FQAD, Fluoroquinolone Acquired Disability a condition that affects many body systems especially the central nervous and digestive systems and severe insomnia. This is the first strain that has helped me sleep well in 10 years. Relief is remarkable for my neurological pain that is far more noticeable at bedtime. From Nature’s Grace at Thrive Dispensary in Harrisburg, IL. Holy Grail will be a staple for me.

Carlos Moore

Gelato is a piece of wonder. The only thing so far that not only removes symptoms of my hand arthritis when high but also has a long term effect – in fact, the associated swelling became very small and almost not painful. God bless those who created it. And the high is just awesome. Creative and makes talking much fun. Not a rare thing to start giggling over a simple thought. Not to say a “complicated” thought. And then comes a very profound sleep with tons of colorful dreams. And this is just cuttings…

Thomas Kemann

High is good. Flavor is so-so. Somewhere between a modern, light lemon diesel kush, and on the other end of the spectrum, it has those dusty fruity sour Sundae Driver type flavors as well. Honestly, I do not recommend that you roll this strain in a joint as it will not taste good. Concentrates can be a totally different story.

Jay loore

Do this really works?just received the parcel from the delivery guy,packing and state looks fine i will post another review that how this reacts and fufill our needs.

Catherine J

This is my favorite strain for many reasons and my 1 WAB, she starts out strong on the saliva side with the F1 shining through followed by a very stoney but not to heavy cerebral and body high, sex is amazing and music never sounds better and without another rip the OG side takes me to Lala land and I can sleep with the ac keeping me cool at least 8 hours of good sleep.

Emma lynn

They have the best support system and each time it seems to get better. I have a marijuana card and so I never need to use the discrete shipping option. My parcel was held once at the custom and they had a team meet me right there in person so I could have my parcel. They are honest sellers.

Izzy Sota

OG kush is such a nice name for such a killer strain. It wont take much of this to put u on your ass. I highly recommend, and if u are gonna vape take no more then 3 puffs thats all u will need.

Lee Williams

I picked up a pre-roll at my Medical dispensary. This strain eased my anxiety and just weird feeling and made my gut feel better too. Some other reviewers were disappointed that it wasn’t heavier, personally as a medical user I’m glad it wasn’t. It’s hard to find good afternoon smoke that won’t lock you to a couch or make you totally out of it. It has a nice sweet, berry taste in the mouth. The THC% of mine is 20.15. I did get a case of dry mouth..


Not much of a indica fan. I rarely write reviews for indicas either. Though, that being said, I just tried some Blueberry I got from a grower in Mass, very impressed. For a indica. Didn’t knock me out, ( much appreciated) though, I needed a Valium at the time, it took that need and the anxiety, and crushed it. I hate taking pills. Considering this is now a substitute for Valium, how could I not give it 5 stars?

Hayden Caroll

Instant nap mode. Could be from a long day, but definitely get that happy mood… then nap feeling. Overly enjoy the strain. Nutty diesel sweet aroma hits me when I open the bag. Nice light purple , dark green buds with dark or orange hairs. Pleasant on the eyes and pallet. If you are seeking a mid day to night time strain that ain’t over powering but will make you relax this is it. The bag I have now you get the cookies and cream gg4 mix aroma perfect I feel..

Shona Tailor

Absolutely amazing strain. It’s like a bright new day wraps around you with the first bong hit. It’s definitely a 1-2 hit strain if you’re smoking the real thing. (That’s from a daily user). Great wake and bake, happy weed that you enjoy and still hit the gym or tackle chores easily..

Hatman hatman