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Explaining the Stoned Ape Theory & How it is Connected to Brain Development

In recent years, the Stoned Ape Theory has risen to prominence, garnering attention from various influential figures, including Paul Stamets and Joe Rogan. Some 200,000 years ago, the human brain made a massive amount of progress regarding its computing power. This event outright doubled its processing power, leaving our predecessors in the dust.  This substantial advancement […]

Is Weed Addictive? What Causes Marijuana Addiction?

Whether you’re a casual toker or a seasoned veteran in the world of cannabis, there will likely come a time where you ask yourself, ‘is weed addictive?’  It’s an entirely fair question. However, the answer isn’t strictly black and white.  The effects of cannabis are certainly pleasurable and fun and can help with a wide […]

Hemp Wick 101: What it is, Benefits & How to Use it

POSTED ON MARCH 31, 2021 BY CBADMIN From rolling flavoured rolling papers to artisanal weed pipes, tokers have always been customizing their weed kit to make it right for them. Hemp wicks and hemp papers have long been enjoyed by the cannabis community for their clean taste and smooth burn, but are they really worth the extra cost […]

New York Officially Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

On Tuesday, March 30th, 2021, representatives in the New York State Legislature passed a bill to legalize recreational marijuana across the state, a decision later made official by governor Andrew Cuomo, who signed the bill on Wednesday, March 31st, 2021. “The bill creates automatic expungement of previous marijuana convictions that would now be legal,” Cuomo […]

Crossfaded High: What to do When You’re Drunk and Baked

There are occasions when people enjoy getting drunk or indulge in getting high, but when you combine the two, you get an effect known as being ‘crossfaded.’  The term might be familiar if you frequent party-prone social circles. But even if you are more of a homebody or enjoy smaller get-togethers, you’ve likely seen or […]