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What are hybrid strains?

Before we jump into the details, let’s take a look at what hybrid ganja is. The two main cannabis strains are sativa and indica, both of which affect their users in different ways. For years, potheads have had to choose a strain type depending on how they’d like to feel.

If you want to experience an energetic, motivated high, you’ll choose a sativa, and if a more relaxed, couch-bound experience sounds better, indica would be the ideal choice. This division left smokers asking; what if I’d like a little of both? The answer to that came about with the invention of hybrids.

A hybrid is a combination of a sativa and indica strain. Some hybrids have a higher indica content, meaning a more relaxed buzz, usually without total couch-lock. Others are sativa-leaning and can be used to feel calm but energetic at the same time.

Now let’s jump into the details with the best hybrid strains.


Best hybrid strains

Whether you’ve been feeling down, need motivation, or have just been struggling to sleep, you’ll find the strain below to help fix your problems and make you feel like a million bucks.