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What Is Beverage?

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Any liquid that can quench the thirst are called beverage. Beverage is any kind of liquid.
We are always taking water, Water is a beverage item. Water, tea, coffee, milk, juice, beer and any kind of drinks item are listed in beverage items. Actually, beverage means any kind of Liquid item.

The word Beverage is a noun. Beverage can be hot and clod or an alcohol item and the beverage can be used for every thing that you can drink but sometimes it’s define gone to style of drinks like soft drinks.
The word Beverage is used as a replacement for the word of drink in the restaurant, bars or in shops, if some want to  get non alcoholic beverage then he/she will get cold or hot beverage and if some one want to get alcoholic beverage then he/ she will get wine, spirit or beer etc. In many countries in the word drink is used as the word beverage.

However, the proper answer of the question of “What is Beverage?” is any kind of liquid and any kind of drinks are called beverage.

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